About Me

Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m so glad you found Bird and Ivy.

I started Bird and Ivy in January of 2017 as a creative outlet and a place to share my interests.  I blog about tech, outdoor adventures, food, motherhood, DIY, fashion, and books.  At Bird and Ivy, you will find content and products to help to make life easier, more stylish, healthy, and fun.  I see things through the lens of a Southern California native – love of nature, ocean, and rock and roll.

About Michelle

I’m a mother of four, a web designer, and in a past life, a business consultant.  I love to cook and make things – I am addicted to learning and the creative process.  My favorite TV show is Abstract and my favorite book is Charlotte’s Web.  I have run several Ragnar Relays and I am always looking for my next outdoor adventure.  I have been to 47 of 50 states and hope to hit the final three this year!

Short list of contradictory things I like:

comfy shirts


uncomfortable shoes

going barefoot

eyelash extensions

having my kids home all summer

sending my kids back to school

getting my nails done

wrecking my manicure while gardening/using power tools/baking bread

If you find this confusing, read my blog some more!  I promise you won’t be bored.