Even in California where the weather is mild, winter just sucks all the moisture out of one’s skin.  I’ve lived in Austria and the Midwest and it was extra important then.  So, how do you keep your skin from looking like a succulent that’s seen better days?

Here are my favorite moisturizers.  I tried to include favorites at a range of price points.

Favorite Moisturizer for Hands

I work with my hands a lot – whether in the garden, making bread, and cleaning, so I try to take good care of them.  I hadn’t really found a hand moisturizer I liked until I received this Elizabeth W Hand Cream as a gift.  It’s amazing!  It’s silky and light, but somehow moisturizing and feels zingy(?) all at the same time.  My favorite is the Té scent.    If my hands are really beat up, I also love the Lush Lemon Cuticle Balm.  The tiny pot is $10, but will last for years.


Favorite Moisturizer for Hair

I know that it’s on everyone’s list, but coconut oil is one of my favorites. I recently went blonde, so my hair needs some extra moisture these days.  I recommend you take small amounts and rub it between your hands and then apply liberally.  I leave it on for a minimum of 30 minutes and then wash and condition.  I like to do it once a week to keep my hair soft.

Favorite Moisturizer for the Face

I don’t have a hands-down favorite in this category.  Ever since I climbed Mt. Shasta and had the best skin of my life, I’m convinced the most important thing is to drink a ton of really good filtered water.  I don’t know how to replicate the melted snowpack we were drinking, though!

I do also use an overnight mask.  It doesn’t seem to make a difference which one I use, as long as I have a moisture layer on before bed.


Do you have a favorite moisturizer?  If so, I would love it if you’d share!