It’s spring and in California we are in the middle of a superbloom, which just makes me want to be surrounded by flowers at all times! At the end of a very stressful day, visualizing wearing a flower crown and a long dress, eating outside, and sipping a cool, sparkling beverage had gotten me through.  Flower crowns have been everywhere for the last few years, so perhaps you have flower crown fatigue – like in this article –  but I still think they look better than this.

My daughter and I wore ours during dinner and when she wore hers to church the next day, everyone asked her if it was a special day for her.  As, she cheerfully replied,”No, it’s not”, I smiled.  We made our own festival season.

How to Make a Flower Crown in 2017

Go for a less-structured look.

Begin by taking a piece of floral wire covered in twine and measuring the circumference of your head. Cut the wire about an inch longer and wrap the ends around each other.

Add lots of greenery(maybe not this much)

Starting with the greenery you picked, wind the stems around the wire one piece at a time.  Work from opposing directions so that the greenery does not end up on only one side.

Add flowers, but not too many

For the crown I made, I used a mix of shades of pink, starting with the darkest flowers first.  Measure and cut fine-gauge floral wire to be twice the length of the crown.  Wrap the wire around the pink flowers and then proceed around the circle, adding flowers as you go.  Then, add the lighter color flowers by sticking the stems into the woven stems and wire.  See picture below.  Cut excess wire and wrap tightly to avoid sharp ends sticking into your head!  If you want to wear the crown for more than a few hours, make sure you store it in the fridge for awhile.