My kids love rocks!  We cannot leave any park, hike, or beach trip without having to convince them to empty their pockets or just take one.  They love knowing the names, how they were formed, and what the stripes of different colors going through them are.  I think they’re called occlusions?

I know nearly nothing about rocks and find it nearly impossible to pick out any distinguishing characteristics.  I AM however, good at finding books and have found some gems(pun intended) to interest your littlest rock hound and teach parents something, too.

A Rock is Lively

by Dianna Hutts Aston

This is my favorite of the three.  It is beautiful and I love the way she explains how rocks are formed.  This can be appreciated by your youngest children and the illustrations of different types of rocks are appealing to any age.


Rocks & Minerals

by Nancy Honovich

This is a great book to tuck in a beach bag or backpack.  In fact, ours is so beat up, I think it’s time for a new copy.  I like how it encourages curiosity and wonder in one’s surroundings.  This is good for kindergarten and up, although older elementary age children will likely enjoy it the most.


Rocks and Minerals of North America

by Sarah Garlick

This is my son’s favorite.  He loves the detail and explanations and has learned lots of facts!  This is a step up from Rocks & Minerals, but similar in that it goes through how rocks are formed, hardness scales, and different properties of rocks.

Do you have any favorite science books for kids and families?  Please share in the comments below!