I have been putting off the “Beauty” portion of this blog because style, beauty, and fashion are such loaded terms.  I think everyone should feel beautiful, because as my daughter never fails to remind me when I ask her to brush her hair, “But Mom, you always say it’s whats on the inside that counts.”

Mother’s Day recently passed and I laughed over my kids’ adorable impressions of me on the cards they made at school- apparently I am 8 feet tall, weigh ten pounds, have brown eyes and black hair.  I made me think about how something as objective as appearance can be so subjective.

So, it is with that thought that I will be posting a weekly beauty series called “How to Look Amazing”.   I love looking put together, but I love the confidence that comes with it even more.  A good hair day can set the tone for your whole day, as can putting on your favorite makeup in just the way you like it.  The way you feel after completing a challenging workout, or climb, or project will make you feel amazing, and that shows.  The series will cover topics like makeup, health, fashion, and other ways to make that symbiotic relationship between looking and feeling amazing a little easier.

Five-Minute Face

My beautiful friend Johanna, who is a stylist and always looks amazing, shared her favorite everyday beauty products. We also made a video about how to do a five-minute face(coming soon!).  I learned so much and we timed it – it is just under 5 minutes.  I now have no excuses for complaining that makeup takes too long, because I usually sit in my car between stops for 5 minutes at least once a day.

Here is a list of her top beauty products, which you will see in the picture above!

IT Cosmetics CC Cream

Clinique Chubby Stick

Maybelline Brow Drama

New York Color Bronzing Face Powder

Maybelline Superstar Better Skin

IT Cosmetics Superhero VolumizingMascara

Urban Decay 24/7 LipPencil

Becca Highlighter

What are your favorite beauty products or are you a no-makeup kind of girl?