Ok, the title of this post is somewhat misleading.  Someone is doing the baking – it’s just not you.

After my kids’ school Math Night, we had 4 dozen extra star-shaped cookies.  Being that it’s the holidays, I couldn’t give them away and since I hate waste, I re-purposed them as…. wait for it… Christmas tree centerpieces.

It happens that we have a teacher appreciation luncheon this week and I was in need of centerpieces, so the connection seemed obvious.  Well, at the time.

These are not the easiest thing I have ever done, but once I figured out how to lay out the cookies, it only took about 15 minutes. If you are making them and need to transport them, I would let them sit for 2-3 hours to let the icing harden.  Trees are approximately 6 inches tall when complete.

Star Cookie Christmas Trees

Ingredients –

2 dozen star-shaped sugar cookies, approximately 4 inches wide.

1/4 Royal Icing (you will need 2 cups powdered sugar and 1 egg white) or purchased Cookie Icing

1/2 powdered sugar

Tree topper(I used a small sugar cookie and dusted it with gold lustre dust, BUT you could use a marshmallow star or other star candy just as well)

Step 1. Procure 2 dozen star-shaped sugar cookies, I got mine from Ralph’s(which is Kroger in other states) for $5.

Step 2.  Either make Royal Icing – from this recipe here – or buy Cookie Icing.  You won’t need more than 1/4 cup for the whole thing.

Step 3.  Take the platter you will be using and lay 4 stars together in a circle, like the photo. I used a 12″ charger from Michael’s.   Then place a dot of icing on arms of the stars closest to the center of the platter.  I used green icing in the picture, but white is probably a better choice. Stack 4 more stars on top of your first row, alternating the star points so it looks a bit like a tree.


Step 4. Stack 3 star cookies on top of the last row, like in the picture.  Make sure you are using icing at two points to stick each cookie down to the one below.

Step 5.  Ok, here is where it gets just a little bit tricky.  Cut 3 cookies as shown in the picture and arrange and “glue” to the last layer with icing.  You are basically cutting 1 cookie in half, and cutting 2 of the points off of each of the other two.

Step 6.  Cut one more cookie in half.  Use this and the other half of the cookie from step 5.  Attach to the layer below as shown, using a few more dots of icing.


Step 7.  Put powdered sugar in a sifter and dust the cookie tree with snow.

Step 8.  Take 6 cookies and stack them on top, alternating points of the stars so that it looks more like a tree.  Make sure to dust each cookie with powdered sugar before adding another one, or otherwise your tree will look bare in spots.

Step 9. Do one more dusting of powdered sugar and use remaining cookie icing to adhere your star to the top.  You’re done!