Oh, spring!  We have so many strawberries, that we actually can’t eat them all.  Rather than letting them rot, I have been using them in salad, freezing them, and making lots of Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble, but we still have too much.  The last few days were nice and hot and have me thinking of summer, which always makes me think of ice cream.  Enter Strawberry Banana Rhubarb “Ice Cream”.  I can’t truly call it ice cream, because it is only strawberries, bananas, rhubarb, and honey, but it is really, really good!  I don’t love strawberry banana flavor on it’s own – it reminds me a little too much of “kid food”, but the rhubarb adds a nice tartness that makes it a little more sophisticated.  It goes together really quickly – especially if you use frozen fruit and have a Vitamix(which I don’t).  If you use fresh fruit and a food processor or regular blender, the prep time is still less than 2o minutes, but you will have to do it in stages.

This is a great after school treat, but if you wanted to serve it for dinner guests, as I did, it is very good on green tea waffle cones.

Strawberry Banana Rhubarb “Ice Cream”


6 yellow(not overly ripe)bananas

12 strawberries

6 stalks rhubarb

1/4 c. honey

  1. If you are using fresh fruit, slice the bananas in large pieces and set aside.  Remove the green parts of the strawberries and cut in half.  Add to bananas and freeze together for a few hours.

  2. Remove all leaves from the rhubarb and slice into 1″ pieces.  Place  in a saucepan, add honey, and stir to mix.  Cook over medium low heat for 5-7 minutes until rhubarb is soft and slightly squishy.  Allow to cool at least to room temperature or place in refrigerator until bananas and strawberries are frozen.
  3. Once you have all the frozen/chilled ingredients ready, dump them into a food processor or blender in batches, making sure that strawberries, bananas, and rhubarb are thoroughly puréed.  You can either eat it right away or put it back in the freezer for an hour to firm up.  If you have a Vitamix, throw it all in and you’re done!