Maybe it’s because I went to private school growing up, but I always feel that I look my best when I have a daily uniform.  It makes it easier to look put together, faster and as in The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, having less decisions brings me joy.  As a web developer and mom, I spend much of my day running from meetings to kid activities and back.  Basically, what I am wearing from 6 am has to look good until 8pm, with maybe a quick accessory change.  This is my inspiration.  And yes, Barbie wore it better.

Since it took me such a long time to determine what my summer uniform would be this year, I decided to share it with you.  I can be found in some combination of these pieces any given day of the week, unless of course I am hiking.

My Summer Uniform

  1. Navy shift dress with tie shoulders,
  2. Peasant top, Roberta Roller Rabbit
  3. Linen tunic, Rue Stiic
  4. Tan Cardigan, Target
  5. White “Toothpick” jeans, J. Crew
  6. Levis jean short cutoffs, thrift store
  7. Rose Gold sandals, Beek
  8. Pink sneakers, TopShop for Nordstrom

As you can see, I mix expensive pieces that will last for a very long time with items from Target, the thrift store, and Nordstrom Rack.  Even at Target and Nordstrom Rack, I look for pieces with a substantial weight to them, since I will be wearing them at least a couple times a week, all summer long.  Even though I am super clumsy and ALWAYs spill my coffee, I tend to wear a lot of white.  A stain stick and bleach are my friends.

Do you do “uniforms” by season?  Do you love putting together outfits, so the idea of a uniform sounds unappealing?  Let me know in the comments!