I don’t know that I can actually call this a “winter” uniform, since it barely ever rains where I live.  The temperature does change by about 30 degrees from morning to afternoon, so it’s probably better to call this a “layering season” uniform.

My five staples for layering weather area:

Faux leather leggings – I have gotten so many compliments on these!  They are super comfortable and because they are Spanx, they hold things in really well.

Long V-Neck Sweater – A lightweight, soft sweater is key for layering.

Long Denim Shirt – A staple that can go underneath the sweater or on its own with the leggings.

Black Gazelle Adidas – I keep replacing these when they wear out.  They are the best!  They are comfortable and can pair with dresses, jeans, and of course, leggings.

Camouflage Backpack  – The thing I love about this backpack is it can also double as a purse. The one in the picture is not the same as the one in the link.